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Michelle Koufman, a busy mom herself, created Intown Estate Planning for Parents, LLC with the unique schedules and needs of busy Intown Parents.

Oct 14

Understanding Your Life Insurance Settlement Options

By Michelle Koufman

Following the death of the policy holder, the way in which proceeds from a life insurance policy are paid to the beneficiary (or beneficiaries) is known as the settlement option. And you might be surprised to learn that there are a variety of settlement options available besides the most common method—a lump-sum payout. Depending on the […]

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Sep 30

Is Platonic or Co-Parenting Right For You?

By Michelle Koufman

With societal attitudes about love, marriage, and parenting constantly evolving, our perception of what constitutes “family” is becoming more and more flexible. As family structures become more varied, we’re learning that when it comes to raising children, the marital status, gender, and even relationship status of the parents matters less and less. What children need most […]

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